To Bone and Back Relay

Unique Running Experience

The ‘To Bone & Back’ 40-Mile Relay, Ultra Marathon, and 5-Mile Run is a very unique running experience. The majority of participants are runners in 8-person relay teams. Each runner carries the Bone baton for a 5-mile leg, and then hands off to the next teammate.

Teams include men’s open, women’s open, family, co-ed (at least 2 female), masters (all runners over 50 years old), and high school teams. Options are available for teams of smaller sizes, including 2-person teams (each member running 20 miles) and 4 person teams (each member running 10 miles). For the truly adventurous, the 40-mile ultra marathon is available!

For those unable to get a relay team put together, the 5-mile run is available.

Race Categories

Relay – 8 Person
  • Men’s Open (8 men)
  • Women’s Open (8 women)
  • Family (8 related)
  • Coed (8 – at least 2 of either sex)
  • Masters (8 all over 50)
  • High School (8 in high school)
  • Relay – 2 person
  • Relay – 4 person
5 Mile Only
  • Solo – male 18 and Older
  • Solo – female 18 and Older
  • Solo – male 17 and Younger
  • Solo – female 17 and Younger
Ultra Marathon
  • Solo – 40 mile male
  • Solo – 40 mile female

Race Route

The route begins at Summit Orthopedics in Idaho Falls, and continues along winding, hilly country roads to the small farming area called Bone. The Relay Race then returns along the same route.

To Bone & Back Relay, Idaho