Bear Lake Marathon

The Bear Lake Marathon, Half Marathon, 10k ,5k and 1k for kids is nestled in the heart of the mountains. This small tourist town is most often celebrated for its large turquoise blue lake. People from all over the world visit Bear Lake during the summer to enjoy biking, running, fishing and all types of water recreation.

Friday June 13th Bear Lake Marathon – Idaho
Full marathon and half marathon on the Idaho side of the lake.

Saturday, June 14th Bear Lake Marathon – Utah
Marathon, half marathon, 10k and 5K on the Utah side of the lake.

Event Details

Marathon course

The Marathon course will begin on the east side of the lake. This is one of the most scenic parts of the lake where it has beautiful beaches, fields and mountains. There is little traffic on this side and extends for almost 16 miles. The last portion of the course will continue around Laketown, Rendezvous Beach and Ideal Beach Resort. Ideal Beach Resort is where you will enter on the paved bike trail that will take you to the finish line at the Garden City Park.

The Marathon is an excellent qualifying course to compete in the Boston Marathon. Our race has been described as both flat and hilly. So . . . to clear up any misinterpretations we have provided a foot by foot elevation chart to provide the most accurate assessment. (The course has 316 feet of climb and 360 feet of descent in the 26.2 miles. To put this in perspective, we ran the elevation on our college track and found out that it has 12 foot climb/descent for every lap around the track.)

Half Marathon Course

The Half Marathon will be along some of the most scenic parts of the mountainside and turquoise lake as the sun begins to rise. Seeing the morning sunrise on this lake is one of the truly spectacular events that you have to see in order to appreciate.

This is a fairly flat race for the Rocky Mountains will only a little variation in elevation in the first few miles. Check out the elevation profile on the course maps page. The course will end at the Garden City Park.

10k Course

This is a fairly flat course with only a few feet of elevation. The first couple of miles are alongside the lake with some beautiful views of the beaches. The last portion of the run is along the paved bike trail that winds along the mountainside cabins and beach houses until you come to the finish at Garden City Park.

5K Course

The 5K is an up and back course that starts and finishes at the park. The course follows the local bike path that is a paved course a few feet away from the road.

Bear Lake Marathon Race, Bear Lake


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